Who is C2 Capital?

C2 Capital is an Australian and Asian focused boutique alternative asset investment firm that focuses on value creation opportunities. We work with wholesale, professional and institutional investors wanting access to our unique deal flow of commercial property and venture investments.

C2 Capital is an alternative asset funds and investment management platform that invests in private markets.

Founded in 2016 and currently headquartered in Melbourne, the C2 Capital ecosystem has a foundation team of venture capital, investment management, property development,  marketing professionals and support staff.

The three main focuses in our business operations are:
1. Private markets investment management
2. Commercial property development
3. Venture Capital

We believe that building wealth takes time and the power of asset growth momentum which results in compound wealth creation.

C2 is the mathematical equation for compound growth.

How We Operate

Our guiding focus is to maximise our investor results through proactive value investing. The two areas in which we work are direct commercial property projects for the purpose of developing long term income and growth holdings for our portfolios.

Secondly, we work with businesses who are in the late stage venture capital phase and have the potential for accelerated growth through a structured enterprise advisory and funding program

At C2 Capital we know that all great businesses start with an idea and vision for the future. When we started the company, our outcomes at the time seemed big, however every day we were dedicated to making our vision a reality. Over time we have realised many of these goals plus more and today we continue to “lift the bar” of what’s possible.

The near future sees us dedicated to attracting clients, team members and strategic relationships that share our vision which is not about being the biggest in what we do, it’s about being a benchmark of how it can be done and achieving excellence.

The markets in which we currently work are both the Australasian and Asian regions, our guiding outcome is to build a boutique global organisation that grows on our core values of realising our full potential.

Our Company Profile

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Introducing C2 Capital