What do you do when the finish line is moved?

Entering Lockdown 2 feels far gloomier than with Lockdown 1 back in March. Perhaps it is the fact that it is the middle of winter. Perhaps it is because we know what is ahead of us this time. Certainly, the novelty factor has well-and-truly worn off!

It feels rather like finishing a long-distance race, only to discover that the officials mismeasured the course and you are actually only at the half-way point; our possible embitterment only being exacerbated by our earlier elation.

We all face the same choice: we can choose to be negative or we can choose to be positive. We can choose to quit, or we can choose to finish; we can choose to become distracted in a cycle of complaint and attribution of blame or we can refocus on our objectives. Whatever choices we decide to make, the reality remains that there is only one way to success – we must complete the course, and to do that we must get back out there and start again.

Here at C2 Capital we choose to be positive!

We see advantages to Lockdown 2: for example, we already had in place the processes and procedures required to maintain our sector-leading innovative investment initiatives under these conditions. We had perfected them all during Lockdown 1! We immediately reinstated these as our team of specialists continued their work from home.

C2 Zoom Daily Meeting
After the release from lockdown 1, C2 Capital focused on enhancing processes & procedures that would maintain sector-leading innovation and investment initiatives to thrive under the potential of another lockdown.

After Lockdown 1 our marketing team completed the successful rollout of a new Project Management System (PMS) and robust Version Control System (VCS), which, as their names suggest, have enhanced productivity despite current lockdown limits.

We have introduced more online interactivity for all types of users. C2 Capital “Webinars” have substituted for conventional Seminars, while our new series of C2 Podcasts, (Talking Numbers with Paul Janzs and Angel Investors Access) has allowed Angels, Investors, and Start-ups to hear first-hand accounts of successful entrepreneurs as they candidly relate their successes (and failures). Further, we have allocated more resources to our in-house video production, which is delivering even higher quality content across all our platforms!

Brandon Burns w Interviewee
Brandon Burns chatting with Brad Sugars, CEO & Founder of ActionCoach in our new Angel Investor Access podcast series.

There is a plethora of opportunities to look forward to in the Post-Covid World and C2 Capital already is hard at work identifying and realising them. Successful investing has always required adaptability and innovation. While the others are looking for “candle manufacturers” to invest in, C2 Capital is seeking the potential inventors of “electric light bulbs”!

So, would you give up if you crossed the finish line only to discover you are merely halfway through a race?

Remember, in the words of the old adage: quitters never win, and winners never quit!

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