How to be a property developer without the risk?

For most Australian’s, it’s the dream to get into the property market; we imagine a future when we’ve made a few sound investments and can consider the possibility of getting in deeper, entering into the realm of property development, expanding our portfolio and boosting our returns. While it’s a great dream (and an achievable one), the thoughts that usually follows these visions are fear, hesitation, and a general sense of doubt about how to make it happen.

The attitudes amongst property investors at the moment are mixed. After some all-time highs and a few predictable corrections that have caused property prices to reduce, the media has gone into a fear mongering frenzy and those who aren’t familiar with the ebbs and flows of the market — particularly first time investors — are naturally feeling a little panicked.

Despite what the news has to say, the 2019 Ironfish Property Report clearly highlights that “the market presents numerous opportunities for investors who are able to look to the long term and read past the headlines and instead focus on the underlying fundamentals which drive the many property markets across the country.”

The market is in good shape. In fact, now is the best time to invest.

With the property market currently in a prosperous position, the time really is now to invest in property. In many places prices have gone down as the markets recorrect; therefore, all across the country, there are opportunities aplenty that are ripe for the taking and set to satisfy investors with significant returns. And the good news is, you don’t have to brave the market on your own.

For all the first-time property investors and long-time property developer wannabes, there is a unique opportunity available that allows investors to split the risk, and the reward, to become a co-developer in properties without the hassle of dealing with the development process, people and work.

Property Co-Development

Stepping into the world of property development, or even just property investment, on your own, comes with a lot of risks – more than most people are willing to front by themselves. But co-development opens up opportunities for everyday people to enjoy the fruits of property development while sharing the risk with others who are experts in the property development sector.

After many years in the property development industry, listening to the desires of investors, the team at C2 Capital developed a model that makes the property development dream attainable for anyone looking to invest and wanting the comfort that comes from working experts in the industry, experts willing to share their expertise, as well as their earnings.

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