Smart Cities- Why and How

Smart Cities: Why and How?

Since man first began forming static communities as they transitioned from being hunter-gatherers thousands of years ago, cities have been continually evolving. We no longer expect to see high walls surrounding our metropolitan areas, but we do anticipate basic utilities such as electricity, running water and sewerage.

In the last century, transport design shifted from horse-drawn vehicles to cars powered by internal combustion engines. In the 21st century urban environments look to accommodate increasing numbers of alternative vehicle power sources such as electricity and hydrogen.

Today we acknowledge that traffic flows are facilitated by coordinated traffic lights along major arterial roads. Such initiatives have been the first tentative steps towards making cities “smarter”. However, there is so much more that is already being done around the world to make cities “smarter”. Which cities are they and what did they do? Take a quick look here.

The huge leap in data capability offered by Fifth Generation (5G) wireless data technology means that cities will only get far “smarter”. 5G networks can handle up to 1,000,000 devices per square kilometre area compared to a 4G figure of only 100,000. When you are talking about the collection of such vast amounts of data, people understandably become concerned about potential privacy and security issues. Yes, CCTV cameras often monitor high traffic areas, but the use of the images they collect is strictly controlled. The presence of those cameras only adds to our security!

When considering such things as Facial Recognition and Data Security Breaches, we can look to places like Singapore, Barcelona, and Oslo that have demonstrated 5G technology can be used to provide better, safer, easier city lives.

What do we need to build a smart city?

Ideas, capital and people who want to create something imaginative. Something significant. Something innovative. Something original. Something creative. Something that increases key service quality at reduced cost. Something that is integral to C2 Capital’s “Rockbank North Town Centre” project! This project is supported by secured state-of-the-art technology incorporating tomorrow’s innovations today!

Greenfield sites offer a blank canvas. We enjoy the opportunity of being creative, of integrating technology to deliver “smart” services, enhancing the quality of life for those working, living or enjoying recreation in the area. “Smart” Cities are “agreeable” environments leading to an enhanced sense of community.

“Smart city” capability is a key feature of C2 Capital greenfield developments like Rockbank North Town Centre. The valuable site was designated as the only future “Activity Centre” north of the Western Freeway and west of the projected Outer Western Ring Road in the locality’s Precinct Structure Plan (PSP). The PSP proposes a town centre containing retail, employment, education, entertainment, health, and recreation facilities to service the estimated 90,000 future residents in the area. Using “smart city” technologies they can look forward to receiving high service quality at low cost because of optimal resource utilisation!

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