RockTec City, The Future of Sustainable Living

We’d all love to be able to see into the future. Now we have chance!  Admittedly, no one can know all the details but here is a glimpse into Melbourne living! Discover how Rocktec City will lead the way in sustainability and become a model for 21st century urban communities.

Software and Hardware

Some world-wide award-wining designs we are Learning from.

In order to create a vibrant community at RockTec City, and deliver a holistic vision, we put all the design concepts into two dimensions, ‘software’ and ‘hardware’.

Hardware’ refers to the physical elements that form the environments, and the functions they provide for users. All the lives start from a well-equipped physical space, where provides all the potentials, such as residential space, education resource, health and wellbeing facilities, commercial area, recreations, and entertainment spaces.

The hardware concepts provide a solid foundation. Only a comprehensive and strong foundation can provide the basic kinetic energy for the effective operation of the entire city.

Software’ refers to all the desired social and psychological outcomes we want people to experience in the places we create. These concepts can be: the time people will be spending on commute and entertainment, the sustainable model behind each building, local economy development, diversity, and balance to name a few.

Software concepts are very important. Not only do they need to have functions suitable for contemporary society and designed purposes, but also have to be forward-looking thus provide the possible space for future development.

The Roots of Learning

But these hardware and software concepts are not just from imagination.

We have absorbed the concepts from many cutting-edge designs in technology, art, exhibition, culture, urban-living, and entertainment from all over the world selected the elements that are most in line with our development philosophy, and integrated them in RockTec to best service our future residents.


Take ACMI (The Australian Centre for the Moving Image) as an example. It is a place to celebrate the past, present, and future of the moving image through a program of exhibitions, screenings, installations and commissions, festivals, and public, industry, and education programs. ACMI is also the creative hub for many moving image artists at its adjoining co-working space ACMI X.

In other words, ACMI provides a physical space for people in the screen industry, education field, or any other related areas to co-host events to share information and knowledge, to explore and cooperate for future success. All the design will facilitate the purpose by providing not only just the exhibition hall or fittings but also a smart structure for multi-purpose and variable space to maximise its usage.

This will be a feature of future RockTec. As a smart city, RockTec facilitates professionals coming from different areas with the opportunity to explore and discover more fascinating events for the future, with its designated co-working space surrounded by serviced offices, innovation precinct, and incubators.

RockTec is designed for people to achieve their potential.

Our vision involves a connected community of professionals sharing a sustainable environment in the wonder of new technology.

But still, imaginary!

Although many of the concepts are based on the success that our predecessors have shaped, we still advocate imagination. The future is not developing itself, the future is being made. Therefore, having limited imagination would restrict the potential of the future, clipping our own wings.

That is why we are trying to focus on answering questions. How do we design our future? How do we want our lives to be? How do we make the future more convenient and safer? What is missing now, and how can we fill the gap?

That is also why we emphasise “imagineering”. We believe that imagination is the engine that drives an idea to an actual reality.

And RockTec City will be the answer.

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