Rock n Stroll: Rockstar Living at RockTec City

RockTec City is an exciting project incorporating the primary elements of urban life into a world standard, small-scale master-planned city of the future.

Located on a “greenfield” site only 20 minutes from both CBD and Airport, RockTec City is one the few locations in Greater Melbourne that provide the opportunity to create a city of the future without significant limitations. RockTec City combines innovation with sustainability and wellbeing, creating a diverse community focused on Melbourne’s proven abilities in the global startup ecosystem.

The result is a number of hyper-connected villages that support collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship. RockTec City will challenge its residents and visitors while enhancing their lives.

RockTec City features six key elements that are the building blocks concept of Rockstar Living:

Element 1: RockCom

RockTec will be a centre for growing new and emerging businesses. It will be the hub of an ecosystem of entrepreneurship, a lab that takes explorative research through to viable commercial enterprise. In this environment of concentrated, hyper-connected, energy, RockTec City will become a focus of business incubation leveraging global networks to create opportunities at scale. In short: it is the future of work!

Element 2: RockEd

RockTec City will grow people as well as businesses. The RockEd precinct will encompass youth teaching through tertiary education into ongoing, all-of-life adult learning, with a focus on new models of knowledge sharing and building.

RockEd will be an immersive centre of AgriTec, FoodTec, BioTec, MediTec, GreenTec, PropTec, and DataTec. RockEd students will experience support as they identify, analyse, and understand the critical issues of today to develop the innovative solutions of tomorrow.

Element 3: RockLife

RockTec RockStar Living will connect work with play, metropolitan scale with village intimacy, urban energy with natural tranquillity. RockTec City will connect residents and visitors with their environment through their daily lives. The international multi-cultural setting will boast a wide variety of sustainable residential, employment, entertainment, recreation, retail, food and beverage facilities allowing people to work, rest and play in a natural environment, right on their doorstep!

Element 4: RockHealth

Nothing is more important than your health. RockTec City is designed to ensure residents and visitors live healthy lives by both prevention and ready access to appropriate treatment. Prevention will accrue from enjoying a balanced urban-village lifestyle, where all aspects of life are just a short walk away. Better living in a better environment will naturally result in better working. RockTec City’s health precinct will include a private hospital and a medical facility hosted by our innovative Healthtec partner Umbrella. Umbrella is already making a reputation for overturning the traditional medical practice model by placing the patient first!

Element 5: RockLiving

RockTec City is leading the move from conventional suburban “dormitory” living to compact, integrated mixed-use urban neighbourhoods. By eliminating 60-90 minute commutes along congested roads, RockTec City residents will take back control of their lives. RockTec City’s housing solutions provide affordable, flexible dwellings with provisions for home-offices, co-working spaces and learning labs, ideal for Melbourne’s brightest and most creative minds. RockStar living will combine the best of the world’s most engaging areas, with Melbourne’s unique “Most Liveable” culture.

Element 6: RockRetail

RockRetail will reflect the new era of experience-led lifestyle shopping that is developing as a reaction to faceless e-Commerce. RockTec City’s retail heart is located in a green environment where natural light and fresh air combine to create a “campus” feel. Shopping will occur naturally alongside working, learning and living. With a homemaker precinct incorporating retail laneways and fresh food markets, RockRetail also will become a destination for people outside RockTec City, as it will be an experience-rich location where you will want to linger rather than leave.

RockTec City – RockStar Living

RockTec City will provide residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy fulfilling lives by accommodating their business and lifestyle needs. It will be a comprehensive city of urban-villages, connected by “smart” technologies and multi-modal transit, yet remain integrated with its natural, sustainable environment.
By embracing radical, alternative architecture, RockTec City has been designed around people, putting them first. RockTec City has reimagined what 21st century living can be: Rock ‘n’ Stroll!

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