Professional Partners

The Professional Partners is a National Network of Accounting Firms that are like minded in adding value to clients. Join the group that challenges the traditional ‘client experience’ in the Accounting industry!


After working with accounting firms across 6 different countries, a solution to the same problem had to be found.. how to increase the client service value proposition. Our story is compelling, with a focus on differentiating your accounting firm’s service model, particularly for high end clients, which could drive up to 80% of the revenue.


The continued collaboration with accounting firms has created a simple yet effective business model for accounting firms who work with businesses, families and individuals.

Who are we, what value do we bring to the accounting industry, and why do we exist?

A Professional Partners network is nothing new, although we believe it’s a new 2021 approach, working with accounting firms in an on-going collaborative manner to continually find the 1% of magic to find a proactive approach to a better client service offering.

We provide the accounting industry the opportunity to create a high end service offering for high end clients. With 25 years in the industry, having led, owned and coached accounting firms, the financial and value add impact to having a high level service offering can be second to none.

What makes us unique?
Our offering is led by the accounting firms in our network, working to offer clients something they may not usually get access to, therefore built by accounting firms, for accounting firms, modeling one of the top 4 firms. We also bring together key leaders in the industry to share their IP with our network, via our social posts, virtual lunches, training days, conferences and a podcast series.

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Join our FREE network today!