Our Venture Approach

Our guiding focus is to maximise entrepreneurs success and investor wealth through high-value disruptive ideas that make a difference to the world we live in.

Our guiding focus is to maximise entrepreneurs success and investor wealth through high-value disruptive ideas that make a difference to the world we live in.

We are an Australian based globally focused boutique VC firm that is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs to validate, launch and scale high-value disruptive ideas and build a business to realise their vision and dreams as well as providing investors with access to our growing alternative asset class and quality investment opportunities.

Maximising clients' wealth through value investing in alternative assets.

C2 is developing a synergistic venture capital portfolio and start-up ecosystem which is both Australasian and globally focused. C2 Venture Capital’s vision is firstly to be an active VC firm and to support founders, their teams and their ideas with every opportunity for success. For many of the people, this might be their first entrepreneurial journey experience and in addition to trying to bring their idea into reality, they are also dealing with all of the business and personal challenges that come with being a start-up. Our outcome is to provide the environment and support structure to fast track this journey while building the capabilities and resilience that will be required for them to fulfil their vision.

Secondly, we want to continually deliver great investment and wealth creation opportunities for our Limited Partners and Angel Investors.

We believe that having a portfolio focus with a platform approach enables us to create traction and success in what we do. More importantly, it ensures that we deliver to our entrepreneurs and Investors the greatest return on their opportunity, time and capital. Through this focus, we can leverage our collective skills, expertise, experiences, contacts and intellectual property.

Why Venture Capital?

  • We are Entrepreneur and Investor focused
  • We are dedicated to optimising our Investors portfolio through new venture investing
  • We are dedicated to our Investees personal and business success
  • We understand the challenges of the start-up journey
  • We have extensive networks that can add value to our portfolio companies’ idea
  • We have multiple options to fund start-up ideas
  • We believe that Entrepreneurs come in all ages, backgrounds, genders and beliefs, however, they all share the desire to succeed.
  • We are focused on wealth creation for both our Investees and Investors.

Focus Areas Such As

Australia is included in the top high-performance ecosystems that have a special focus on Fintech. This sector in Australia has specifically received the major share of $171M throughout 2014 and 2016. Fast-moving start-ups in this sector are mostly focused on maximising their customer’s user data experience in improving the process in payments as well as helping companies manage and operate the financial aspects needed within the business.

Healthtech is the use of both software and hardware to deliver more effective and efficient health care to consumers, while also improving systems and processes used by health-care professionals. One of the fastest growing industries in the world, Healthtech will continue to expand with population growth, making it an outstanding industry for investment.

In our context, WealthTech covers both wealth/funds management. A fintech sector optimising wealth creation by investing in products, services, distribution/market aggregation or wealth education that deliver greater wealth results and customer experience. We are building a synergistic ecosystem that focuses on disruptive ideas and opportunities in what are some of the largest and most valuable industries on the planet.

Agtech involves technological advancements that further assist the agricultural industry in the cultivation and utilization of land and crops. From marketplace software for maximum crop sales to water management systems, our AgTech investments strategy is to target all components of the value chain.

Historically one of the most lucrative industries in Australia, MiningTech advancements typically involve either automation of roles or overall expediency and productivity in the mining process. With revolutionary advancements such as x-ray diffraction & underground excavators on the horizon, MiningTech investments are forward thinking and make attractive investments.

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