Our Ecosystem

C2 Capital is an Australian and Asian focused boutique alternative asset investment firm that focuses on value creation opportunities. We work with wholesale, professional and institutional investors wanting access to our unique deal flow of commercial property and venture investments.

Here at C2 Capital, we pride ourselves at being ‘best-of-kind’ at what we do, combining the most successful models and methodologies and keeping track of upcoming industry trends.

In a study on the future of the asset management industry by PWC (‘AM 2020’ 2013) they highlighted three major global trends within the industry as illustrated to the right. They also forecasted that by 2020 the industry will have funds under management of USD $104 trillion and around $4 trillion in Australia alone. They predicted that alternative assets, being direct property, venture capital and private equity and infrastructure will go from 10% of the market up to 13% of all funds under management. This presents a significant opportunity for investment managers that operate in private markets like ourselves.

We believe that building wealth takes time and the power of asset growth momentum which results in compound wealth creation.

C2 is the mathematical equation for compound growth.

When you apply these forecasts to the Australian market there is the potential of $1.5 trillion that can be invested in alternative assets and particular property. Consider that our vision is to have $1 billion of assets under management by 2021, it’s a fraction of a fraction of the marketplace potential.

In founding the C2 ecosystem its creators had a very clear vision of building a disruptive offering to the market that also gave the ordinary investor through to the sophisticated investor access to private markets opportunities that were usually only available to the very wealthy.

There are two main parts of our public offerings. Firstly, there is C2 Capital which is an investment manager that has a fund structure and bespoke offerings allowing it to create investment product across commercial property developments and investments, Angel Investor opportunities, Venture Capital and in the future a Hedge Fund.

Secondly, there is Multi BD, a commercial property development and portfolio management company that is focused in a five sector approach with the end objective of building a long-term, high-quality property portfolio of sound investment properties for the C2 Capital funds and our investors.

Bringing all of this together has been a significant journey to achieve this industry transformational approach to capitalise on these three global megatrends. We have been able to make this happen through the synergy of many like-minded people who have their own experience and expertise in each of these areas and are dedicated to building a best of kind investment management/wealth-tech ecosystem.

Industry MegaTrends

Uber has done it to Taxi’s, Airbnb has done it to the hotel industry and Fintech is doing it to banking. Asset management is one of the last big frontiers to be disrupted and transformed through technology.

Technology and greater wealth education is empowering Investors to bypass traditional Advisors to make their own investment decisions. We see the opportunity to provide these investors greater access to alternative investments previously unavailable to them.

It’s happening already with funds that have Robbo Advisors (Artificial Intelligence) who are replacing real advisors. The ecosystem structure illustrated below is a new approach however is based on proven models that have been fused together into a fully integrated system.