We are dedicated to working with independently minded, self-directed investors who are seeking opportunities that make real difference to the world in which we live.

Identifying opportunities, creating value

Our guiding focus is to maximise entrepreneurs success and investor wealth through high-value disruptive ideas that make a difference to the world we live in.

We are an Australian based globally focused boutique VC firm that is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs to validate, launch and scale high-value disruptive ideas and build a business to realise their vision and dreams as well as providing investors with access to our growing alternative asset class and quality investment opportunities.

C2 Capital’s objective is to attract investors who are in the 20 per cent of wealth and income distribution and are focused on building their wealth through property investment, alternative assets, and venture investments. C2 Capital’s outcome is to work with investors who are, and want to be, in the top 5 per cent of the income and wealth distribution in Australia and Asia.

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Imagineering investments that make a difference. C2 Capital is dedicated to working with independently minded and self-directed investors who are:

  • High-net-worth individuals wanting access to high-value investment opportunities
  • Institutional investors and fund managers wanting to co-invest in projects or have us manage assets on their behalf
  • Qualifying aspiring through to sophisticated investors wanting to access an alternative investment platform
  • International investors and asset managers wanting to invest directly into property and enterprise assets and family offices
  • Significant Investor Visa (SIV) International investors seeking investment opportunities to support their immigration needs

Are you a wholesale investor?

In accordance with chapter seven of the Corporations Act 2001, you have to be a “wholesale investor” to participate in certain investment opportunities. To be classified as a wholesale investor, one must fit the investor criteria in one of the below:

You must invest $500,000 or more at the time of investment; or
You satisfy either:

    • You have net assets of more than $2.5m; or
    • You have a gross income of at least $250,000 p.a. in the last two financial years.

You are a Professional Investor, which includes:

  • An Australian Financial Services Licensee.
  • A body regulated by APRA outside of superannuation.
  • A body registered under the Financial Corporations ACT 1974.
  • Trustees of Superannuation funds, approved deposit funds, pooled Superannuation, trusts and public-sector superannuation schemes under the superannuation industry (Supervision Act 1993) with net assets of at least $10 Million.
  • A person who controls at least $10 Million.

Capital Partners

At C2 Capital we provide investors access to high quality commercial property development and asset opportunities that aren’t available in the mainstream market.

Our Capital Partner options permit sophisticated investors through to net worths and financial institutions access to quality “off market” commercial property development opportunities.

Our capital partner program works like this: C2 Capital and the Project or PD Capital Partner enter into an arrangement to develop bespoke property portfolios made available through our property development partners. Projects include healthcare, childcare, senior care, mixed commercial, hotels and resorts.

Our syndicate partner option allows smaller sophisticated investors to co-invest in high yielding commercial development projects that they couldn’t otherwise access in their own right. All projects are managed to minimise risk and maximise security and returns through our Structured Development Funding (SDF).

Imagineering investments that make a difference.


Key benefits

Access to quality deal flow of high value mixed commercial developments. Developments are managed beginning to end by proven Multi BD C2 Capital is the investment manager responsible for opportunity assessment and overall investment management.

C2 Capital can design a bespoke portfolio strategy for both our project and PD Capital Partners to suit their investment objectives.

C2 Capital’s portfolio approach has two investment phases being asset value creation followed by investment management. We have a “fund-through” pathway that takes an acquired unrealised asset through its development stage followed by a take out into the appropriate sector specific portfolio for its ongoing management.


This stage has both the highest risk and the highest reward. It attracts equity investors who have an understanding of what is involved and are comfortable with the projects risk profile. The timeframe for this phase can vary from three months to a couple of years.

Investor profile – wholesale and institutional

Once a DA has been granted and pre-commitments of sales and/or tenants have been achieved (that facilitate development funding facilities), then the development moves into the construction phase that takes it from a site through to a completed property.

The investment timeline in this stage can range from 9-24 months and returns can be from a coupon through to equity participation in the development profits.

Investor profile – Wholesale and institutional

Now the property is completed and tenanted, the majority of the risks have been removed and its value has been optimised. Therefore, the returns take on a different nature and are in two forms being;

The investors who invest in this stage are looking for consistent income streams and growth on their capital so that it out-performs inflation rates.

Investor profile – retail, wholesale and institutional.

Investment migration

In Australia, Commonwealth and State Governments all openly invite applications from migrants through investment migration visas. Right now, the market for investment migrants is mainly transaction-based, which leads to over-complicated processes and confused client with unpleasant experience. Aurum Private Wealth provides comprehensive investment immigration solutions including:

  • Pre-SIV(Significant Investor Visa) and 188C Visa investment solutions, including complying SIV investments;
  • 132A (Business Talent Visa) investment business solutions in purpose-built disability accommodation for Australians, supported by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), which include:
    • a. Project sourcing of NDIS residential development opportunities including the tenanting of NDIS eligible participants prior to construction;
    • b. Project management, completion and settlement services;
    • c. Ongoing management of the NDIS residential property investment with all parties.
    • d. Documenting and reporting to support the Visa application process.
  • Expatriate Cultural Consulting: we customise Australian business familiarisation tours encompassing:
    • a. Networking with Australian business owners
    • b. Education and medical system introductions
    • c. Legal, Taxation and financial system overview