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Current Share price As at 14:30 15 August 2019


Current Share price As at 14:30 15 August 2019

Why invest?


Long Term Investment Performance

AFIC aims to provide shareholders with long-term returns and dividends that grow faster than the rate of inflation. Our goals help you achieve yours.


Very Low cost

Low management costs and no performance fees let you enjoy the benefit of your investment. Discover how accessible investment can be with AFIC.


Diversified Portfolio

AFIC invests in 80 to 100 companies across a range of industries, that are selected for their ability to perform through economic cycles and generate returns over the long term.

An Investor’s Journey at
C2 Capital.


Secure your commitment

How: Hand in an Application

You can have the application forms via (…) can we give them the forms in public?

List of documents needed – can we show the list of necessary documents in public? e.g. drivers license, sophisticated investors’ certificate.


Funds Clearing

How: Allocate the fund to C2?

Cheque/transaction – do we tell them how to transfer the fund?

Normally takes (…) business days to clear


Receive the confirmation of investment

How: Waiting for your return

What if I want to exit early?

What do I do after this investment? – we provide the best kind of flow – what happens after one investment?

You can browse our frequently asked questions to find the answers you need.

These opportunities are designed for sophisticated investors who are looking to increase their wealth more quickly than is the case with conventional bank investments.

That is up to the client. You can cash up, or roll all, or part, of your investment over into the next stages of the program, right up to converting your notes into shares at the IPO.

Yes. At maturity the funds are yours to do as you like! We find that many investors like to combine the long-term stability provided by shares in final investment vehicles with new start-up projects delivering higher returns.

C2 has a diversified portfolio with projects in many other areas such as healthcare. It’s entirely up to you which funds you would like to invest in.

All investments managed by C2 Capital and associated entities provided regular ongoing performance reports allowing you to track your investment’s performance.

All investors in C2 Capital managed projects will receive updates on their projects’ performances at least quarterly. Other information is provided as project milestones are reached.

C2 Capital and associated entities hold the valuable Commonwealth of Australia, Australian Financial Services Authorised Representative licences. Other divisions are registered by the Australian Government Tax Practitioner Board.

Our investment philosophy is driven by the following core principles.

Buy and Hold investment style over the long-term

AFIC’s investment style is to buy shares in listed companies and hold them for the medium to long-term. This approach minimises dealing costs and has historically provided investors with sound, tax-efficient, long-term returns. AFIC does not seek to trade business cycles.

Sound returns with lower variability

By combining the benefits of investment in quality companies with those of diversification, the investment process seeks to produce attractive returns with lower volatility.

It’s never too early to invest in your future. The most important part is to make a start.

Investing for a SMSF

Invest in AFIC as part of you Self Managed Super Fund. Learn more and download the AFIC Investing for SMSF brochure.

Investing for children

Interested in investing for children or grandchildren? Learn about the benefits of investing in AFIC for your family and download the Investing for Children.

Investing for life events

Sometimes we know what’s coming down the road and other times we don’t. Whatever your future holds, AFIC can help you reach your goals.

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