Important Announcement from C2 Capital Managing Director, Peter Terrill

During February 2019 senior members of C2 Capital had a number of meetings with an employee at the time, Jason Mistry, around making his role/position redundant within the company. He was given an option to stay in an alternative role.

Because this option was rejected Mark Prestige of C2 Capital organised a meeting with Jason Mistry on February 20th 2019 for the purpose of formally making his role redundant.

Just before this meeting at 10.27am Jason Mistry at sent me an email raising concerns around a transaction that he believed to be fraudulent where an international entity/financier had offered C2 funding for a project which I subsequently declined to take up.

All of these events he referred to took place in October/November 2019 and there had been no further discussion or communication around this matter between Jason Mistry or myself since early December 2018.

I responded at 1.17pm after receiving/reading this email (and included all of the C2 leadership team on the response) making these points;

– That I was the Sole Director of all the entities involved in the transaction and as such I didn’t need to inform anyone of my decisions
– Also I wasn’t convinced what he found out was the case based on my own enquiries and meetings with the parties offering the facilities.
– That it was my call on how to deal with the issue
– Finally that I saw it as a non issue and because of that I had included all of the people that he alleged I had been keeping the “secret” from and it was something he didn’t need to concern himself with.

When he bought his case against C2 Capital in essence it was based on a claim that;

– He was dismissed illegally
– It was in response to his email alleging fraudulent activity

On the of 10th of November this matter was settled by the claimant, Jason Mistry making the statement that;

On 23 April 2019, I issued proceedings in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, MLG1211/2019 – C2 Capital Investor Channels Pty Ltd ats Mistry (Proceeding), against my former employer C2 Capital. That Proceeding involved allegations of misconduct. I regret that I made the allegations and no longer stands behind the allegations.

– my redundancy was genuine; and
– my former employer C2 Capital never acted fraudulently.

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