All great companies and fortunes start with an idea in their founders’ mind.

Creating a business from an idea to a best-of-kind, global business is a life-changing journey that very few ever take. Only the brave, determined and resiliant commit to the journey and succeed in making their founding inspiration into a reality.

At Founders, we have a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial journey as we live it every day. We believe that every entrepreneur is different, from age, background, gender and beliefs, however, they all share the desire to succeed in the creation of their dreams.

C2 Founders provide the essential support for the talent behind the ideas, more than merely the idea itself. Great talent with the right mindset will always provide high-value ideas and execute them. However, we aim to provide our entrepreneurs with their own deal team and funding that works for all stakeholders. Our goal is to provide holistic support for the business’ journey, to help founders reach their full potential, both professionally and personally.

We believe that one idea, one opportunity or single connection can change everything.

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We recommend that you read our Pipeline Brochure to make sure your idea fits within the businesses we work with. Read more about C2 Venture Capital and C2 Angels’ live deals, Wealth Masterclass and global vision for the future.

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