Dean Landy: Master of Masterplanned Communities Takes on RockTec

Dean Landy
Partner at ClarkeHopingsClarke
Qualifications: B.Arch (Hons)
Registered Architect: ARBV 16210


Dean Landy leads ClarkeHopkinsClarke’s mixed-use team and is responsible for some of Australia’s most progressive thinking in the field of urban planning and design. He has been responsible for the creation of new town centres, masterplanned communities and mixed-use developments across Australia, as well as several internationally significant social-impact projects overseas. As a result, his talents are highly regarded and much sought after.

Dean has been a Partner at ClarkeHopkinsClarke for over 15 years, and is the driving force behind the practice’s mission of ‘Creating Vibrant Communities’. By nature, he takes an entrepreneurial approach to his developments. This ability to understand and embrace the commercial imperatives of complex projects – and then add value to them through the strategic planning and design process – is a hallmark of his work.

Dean Landy has spent the last 12-months working on C2 Capital’s RockTec City project. We caught up with him to ask him about this exciting development:

What makes the RockTec project special?

RockTec offers a unique opportunity to create a new city hub centred around people…not cars. The entrepreneurial approach to this development, coupled with the ability to incubate a “start-up” culture, means that we can address the holy grail of “suburban development”: Local employment integrated into a compact, walkable “urban” setting that creates a true 20-minute neighbourhood, with the additional benefit of a site located in Melbourne’s rapidly growing outer-west.


What is this project looking to achieve?

This project intends to challenge the conventional approach to greenfield development by making jobs, lifestyle, amenity, walkability and sustainability key objectives, right from the development’s early stages. We want to achieve a truly global exemplar of a model mixed-use urban outcome.

What makes you excited about this project?

I’m excited by the opportunity of being part of a team that is genuinely looking at the bigger picture: the legacy we can create for future residents, for businesses, for the community, and of course for the environment. It takes a big vision, a lot of perseverance and a true desire to influence the future. These are the same values that drive our team at ClarkeHopkinsClarke.

What does this project say about future living?

We are on the cusp of a major change in the way people work, live and move. The Covid-19 pandemic has only served to underline the key changes that the future will present us: There will be less commuting and more working locally. There will be less driving and more walking. These things will not only require easy access to good quality public spaces but also the availability of shops, entertainment and recreational facilities; all within an agreeable walking distance. These features combine with a demand for increased flexibility and affordability in the residential options provided. Because we are incorporating all these aspects into RockTec’s base design, the development will be uniquely placed to address all of these issues from the project’s outset.

How would those living in the city describe it?

I believe those living in RockTec City will describe it as “Their Place”

Why? Because it will have a compact, walkable “village” atmosphere; because it will create a socially-connected community. Add to this a vibrant start-up business culture, interwoven with a natural environment and you have a place where residents and visitors alike can relax, whether in its open parks or while enjoying its buzzing nightlife.


What is your favourite element of RockTec City?

My favourite feature would have to be “RockCom” because of the diversity of functions, jobs and amenities it will bring to the city. The possibilities are endless: from hotels to film studios, from co-work hubs to research centres. And of course, it’s the diversity of people that such a wide array of jobs will attract that will make the neighbourhood truly vibrant.

What is the residential capacity of this Smart City?

RockTec City will provide about 1000 dwellings of various types and sizes. These will help address the “missing middle” housing options that are often overlooked in standard Australian developments. We’re talking about apartments, townhouses, terraces, home office studios, co-living, multi-generational homes, through to social and affordable housing models. This diversity of housing choices, when coupled with the more ‘standard’ housing typology surrounding RockTec City, will ensure there is an affordable and desirable housing choice for everyone!

What are some of the most interesting design elements?

One of the most interesting design elements of RockTec City is the high quality of the public areas at its heart. These are surrounded by a wide variety of property uses: from civic to commercial, from residential to retail. They are all interconnected through a network of “green” pedestrian links, which means that people will truly live, work, learn and play at RockTec City without needing to get in a car every time they want to go somewhere!

RockTec City represents an exciting combination of “smart” innovation with sustainability and wellbeing. Incorporating interesting, innovative elements, the project has been designed from the lifestyle out, and so will produce a diverse community based around Melbourne’s proven role in the global start-up ecosystem. In this environment of concentrated, hyper-connected, energy, RockTec City will become a focus of business incubation leveraging global networks to create opportunities at scale.

In short: RockTec City is the future of work and living!

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