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Here at C2, we believe one idea, opportunity or single connection can change everything.

Ideas inspire us to see what’s possible to create for the future,
Opportunities are those moments where something or someone comes into our world which can change the game
Connections are the relationships and communities that support us to realise our dreams.

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Our Company Mission

We're a market-leading alternative asset fund and investment management platform.


Our Global Vision

We're determined to develop a superior offering that can be taken beyond Australia to a global market.


Our Company Ethos

We're all about helping people reach their full potential and operate under an ideas meritocracy.

01 Our Company Mission

02 Our Global Vision

03 Our Company Ethos


Everything Starts Somewhere

All great enterprises and fortunes started as a flash of inspiration in their founder’s mind. Disney, Apple, Google and Facebook were all results of an original flashpoint, the initial idea and vision. If our vision has touched a part in you, we encourage you to reach out to us and explore ways can work together.

Success Leaves Clues

We strive to learn from successful firms around the world. C2 Capital continually researches best-of-kind investment management strategies, thinking and culture as well as business processes and market positioning to ensure we identify the clues for success in the world around us.


C2 Capital is a market leading alternative asset fund and investment management platform. Our main focus areas are private markets investment management, commercial property development and venture capital.

From its very inception, C2 Capital has had the vision of developing a market leading offering that can be taken beyond Australia to a global market

The C2 Capital group benefits from a highly motivated and committed professional team with diverse skills and experience who when they all come together create the magic in what we do.


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Learning & Development


Diverse Team

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Fast-track Career Growth

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Good work-life Balance

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``Being part of something meaningful, helping my clients grow and prospering alongside them makes my job rewarding.``

Sam Madden