Capital Partners

At C2 Capital we provide investors access to high quality commercial property development and asset opportunities that aren’t available in the mainstream market.

Our Capital Partner options permit sophisticated investors through to net worths and financial institutions access to quality “off market” commercial property development opportunities.

Our capital partner program works like this: C2 Capital and the Project or PD Capital Partner enter into an arrangement to develop bespoke property portfolios made available through our property development partners. Projects include healthcare, childcare, senior care, mixed commercial, hotels and resorts.

Imagineering investments that make a difference.


Our syndicate partner option allows smaller sophisticated investors to co-invest in high yielding commercial development projects that they couldn’t otherwise access in their own right. All projects are managed to minimise risk and maximise security and returns through our Structured Development Funding (SDF).

Key Benefits

Access to quality deal flow of high value mixed commercial developments. Developments are managed beginning to end by proven Multi BD C2 Capital is the investment manager responsible for opportunity assessment and overall investment management.

C2 Capital can design a bespoke portfolio strategy for both our project and PD Capital Partners to suit their investment objectives.

C2 Capital’s portfolio approach has two investment phases being asset value creation followed by investment management. We have a “fund-through” pathway that takes an acquired unrealised asset through its development stage followed by a take out into the appropriate sector specific portfolio for its ongoing management.