Plans for a Big 2019

C2 Capital is focused on delivering value-creation opportunities for our clients, therefore we provide regular updates on our company’s activity, giving clients access to our unique deal-flow of commercial property and venture investments. Here you can read about our past success stories and exciting future projects.

C2 Capital – Recap of a Successful 2018

C2 Capital is focused on delivering value-creation opportunities for our clients, therefore we provide regular updates on our company’s activity, giving clients access to our unique deal-flow of commercial property and venture investments. Here you can read about our past success stories and exciting future projects.

The past year proved to be a year of exponential growth, with no signs of slowing down. C2 Capital has flourished, completing numerous projects, acquiring new sites and offices in both Melbourne and Singapore as well as extending our ever-growing team.

  • 50 sqm to 900 sqm in office space.
  • Grown from 8 staff to over 50 staff globally.
  • Capacity to bring another 30 staff in order to service current project pipeline.
  • Secured an aligned AFSL with $3.3 billion of FUM, that will support distribution of our projects through their dealer group. 
  • Built our distribution relationships with:
    • Accountants
    • Financial Planners
    • Immigration Agents
    • Private Clients
  • Built our vertical capital raising programs :
    • IM offers
    • Capital Partner
    • Portfolio Partners
We believe that building wealth takes time and the power of asset growth momentum which results in compound wealth creation.

C2 is the mathematical equation for compound growth.

Completed in 2016 this mixed development consists of 11 apartments and five commercial properties.


  • 8400 square meter site.
  • Land Settled – July 2018.
  • DA Lodged December 2018.
  • Construction starting in the coming months.
  • Completion date – Q1 2020.
  • Tenants secured – Child Care secured and talk has started on Medical Centre and Allied Health Building.
  • Construction funding – in discussions with a number of parties at present.

Current IM

  • Looking to raise another $2 million
  • Time frame 12-15 months
  • Return 15%pa
  • Paid at completion







  • Series 1 IM filled in 3 days – August 2018.
  • PSP/Re Zoning approved Jan 2019.
  • DA lodged Feb 2019.
  • Settlement date Dec 2019.
  • Construction starts Q1 2020.
  • Completion date Q4 2020.
  • Currently in talks with a number of tenants.



Terms of offer

  • Series 2 IM will be opening Q3 2019
  • Raising $4 million
  • Returns to be confirmed based upon how many tenants have been secured.


  • First Zero Carbon Aged Care proposal in Australia.
  • Initial plans finalised.
  • Draft IM completed.


Terms of Offer

  • Raising up to $20-$25 million most likely from a Capital Partner.
  • In early discussions with a Capital Partners to be a corner stone partner.


  • Purchased October 2018 and settled February 2019.
  • Purchased asset for $2.9m.
  • The asset has been sold twice in the past 10 years for more than $12m
  • NAB has provided a lending facility.
  • Average build cost $180k – $200k, purchase price $31k per room.
  • Targeting an increase in occupancy from 35% to 55%.
  • Upgrade of the hotel to cost $1.2m and to commence shortly.

The terms of the offer under the current IM:

  • $2m available.
  • Term: 24 months
  • Interest Rate: 8% pa paid quarterly, plus 10% bonus payment at completion.
  • Total return 13% pa


  • Large residential development in Sunshine incorporating a neighborhood shopping centre.
  • C2 have purchased the commercial component of the Pace Residential Development.
  • Permit approved for the shopping center.
  • Lodging a variation to add up to 7 stories of residential on top.
  • Construction – Due to start Q1 2020
  • Completion  – Q1 2021

Terms of offer – Series 1:

  • Raising $1.5m
  • Term: 24 months
  • Interest Rate: 15%pa
  • Paid at completion


  • Short-term approximately 12 month time frame.
  • Pays quarterly returns plus maturity payment.
  • Open to retail and wholesale clients.
Inner Circle Income Product
– 200k over-subscribed, closed June 2018
C2 Notes Allocation 1
– 100% filled and closed in Dec 2018
C2 Notes Allocation 2
– Now opened
Terms of current Income Product
  • Coupon Rate for C2 Notes: Quarterly coupon: 7.75%pa paid quarterly, plus maturity coupon of 7.25%pa paid on investment exit. Total return over the 12 month is 15%.
  • Term to Maturity: 12 months unless paid out earlier.
  • Security: Underwritten by C2 Capital Pte Ltd (Singapore).

Other Acquisitions in 2018

  • Tarneit – In Planning
Comprising a hotel tower, medical, senior care, mixed commercial and apartment’s it is designed to be a multi-generational smart urban village that provides its inhabitants all that they need within a 5-minute walk. 
  • Frankston – Negotiating at present
  • Rockbank South
  • Rockbank North– largest acquisition to date.
  • Chermside
  • Vita – Edgewater Medical Centre
  • ASEA – Retail Property Division

Plans for a Big 2019

The year ahead is full of activity with more exciting and unique projects underway across all business units. We anticipate this year to present even more opportunities and possibilities than the last, creating new relationships, partnerships and connections.  C2 Capital’s short term focus is the completion  of our existing developments.

Project Status
Pakenham   Currently Open
Gladstone  Currently Open
Sunshine Currently Open
New Income product (C2 NOTE allocation 2)  Currently Open
Sunbury Medical   Series 2 IM opens Q3 2019
Sunbury Aged Care  Series 1 IM opens Q3 2019
Launch of ASEA  Q1 2019
Vita Edgewater  Expected completion Q4 2019
Rockbank  Still in planning
Tarneit  Still in planning
New acquisitions   Currently undergoing DD

Vita – Edgewater Care Precinct

Vita’s first Care Precinct. Located at 31 Edgewater Boulevard, Maribyrnong, 8km north-west of Melbourne’s CBD.
  • Includes medical centre, specialist consulting and pathology
  • Purpose built greenfield site
  • High-growth area with low competition
  • Co-located with 100 place child care, pharmacy, café, and 80 apartments

Vita will fulfil a gap in the local market for a premium primary healthcare site, aiding young couples and families including ante and pre-natal care. It will compliment planned sites in Sunshine North and Tarneit forming a brand foothold in Melbourne’s growing west.
Completion – Q4 2019

Introducing ASEA

ASEA is an Australian and SE Asian boutique property investment firm that focuses on delivering high-value, real-estate investment opportunities to clients.

This is a residential and commercial retail offering, allowing clients to purchase direct property to build a property portfolio.

  • Portfolio Development
  • Property Acquisitions 
  • Asset Management

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