C2 Capital Growth Strategy Day


Increase Client Value, Growth Your Profits

C2’s Growth Strategy Day, Friday 20 September 2019

As many of you would be aware, C2 Capital is developing the concept of the ‘Private Client’ offering to enhance the value and relevance of the smaller accounting and financial planning practices in these rapidly changing times. In line with that thinking we have sourced a special speaker. Let me introduce him, by quoting from my discussions with him…

The Guest Speaker

Warwick Cavell

Warwick Cavell
Profitable Conversations coach and facilitator

“Having been a chartered accountant in public practice and then a management consultant working with a variety of businesses solving a range of different problems, two things became clear to me;

Accountants, being the most trusted advisers to the SME market, are in the strongest position to support and assist their clients. Yet, while many SMEs are seeking a broad range of assistance accountants, typically, only address a narrow range of these needs. Equally, while many accountants label themselves as accountants and business advisers, in truth the ‘business adviser’ label is often more an ambition than a reality. Even when accountants head down the business advisory path they often go about it the ‘wrong’ way. They start where they feel comfortable starting – financial analysis and reporting software – rather than where the clients need and want them to start. They then often wonder why they are not getting the traction in this market.

If accountants are going to seize the value on offer, in the future, then three key things will need to change:

This thinking is what underpins my Profitable Conversations Program”.

In this session Warwick will show how Accountants and Financial Advisers can have an immediate impact with their clients through engaging in different conversations and utilizing different problem-solving approaches.

This is what one of his clients said…

“I must say, because they were a long-standing ‘difficult’ client we had doubts that they would be receptive to this conversation. As a consequence, we were fumbling a bit, initially. But when we noticed the client was starting to get involved we got in the groove and achieved a really positive outcome. I can honestly say it was one of the best meetings we have had with them for a long time. This was a similar experience with the other meetings where we used the ‘Profitable Conversations’ approach.”

Reserve your seat for the conference on 20 September 2019, with only a few seats left!

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