C2 Angels

Angels are not born they are made. We help them to develop by providing a community that fosters exponential growth.

C2 Angels is a commercial start-up platform seeking to integrate Angel investors, industry specialists and entrepreneurs to create a benchmark start-up ecosystem.


We provide an opportunity for these individuals to become part of a deal team, collaborating to solve qualified industry problems and develop high-value market solutions.

We are keen to engage anyone with a serious interest in Angel Investing, whether already part of another Angel community, a serial entrepreneur, an experienced industry specialist or individuals seeking a pathway to participate, we welcome you to join us on our mission to reshape Australia’s start-up community.


“We believe the opportunity is here right now for our city and country to take centre stage and become a benchmark in the world packing a punch much heavier than our weight.” - Peter Terrill

What makes us unique?

Our commercial platform is built on the confluence of networks to deliver optimised seed funding idea stage, through to high growth enterprises.

We are dedicated to establishing a thriving community of participants committed to this journey and development of a disruptive best of kind portfolio and ecosystem built on complementary clusters that cut across our three key pillars; HNW Angel Investors, Start-up Entrepreneurs and Industry Specialists.

  • Geography: having offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore provides C2 with a unique combination of strengths.
  • Engagement Model: C2 provides a commercial platform via an organisational structure whereby investors, directors, associates and interns all work together to achieve a common goal empowering each stakeholder while sharing risk and load.
  • Fund-through Model: replenishes the initial principle while providing a coupon every 18-24 months and equity at exit.
  • Pipeline Model: ensures existing industry problems are solved and adding value to the investment opportunity.
  • Masterclass Training: Entrepreneurial training and relationship framework resulting in connectedness with global and local mentors, financiers and industry subject matter experts.

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Setting the context

Australia has the potential to lead the global rankings in the emerging areas of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Blockchain given the leading registration of patents in these areas. However, Australia’s rate of start-up pass-through has resulted in an “innovation drain” driving Australian talent and ideas overseas.

Australia’s conventional investment culture is misaligned to the start-ups’ potential which has driven Australian ideas and skills off-shore. Now is the opportunity to champion diversification of Australian wealth into the venture capital stream.

There is an opportunity to create a best-of-class, start-up ecosystem in Melbourne similar to comparable emerging networks overseas (e.g. Stockholm & Tel Aviv) capitalising on Australia’s renowned pioneering spirit.

This can be achieved by:

  • Transforming Australia’s investment culture, which has, thus far, resisted the attraction of diversifying wealth through start-up investment;
  • Leveraging the lifestyle attractions of Melbourne (regularly named “the world’s most liveable city”) to attract capital and talent into Australia’s ecosystem in a reverse brain drain;
  • Optimising the investment framework using a fund-through model on the back of interconnected clusters of capital, talent and industry expertise

HNW Angel Investors: Become part of a like-minded community of entrepreneurs. Have access to a systematic education program and wealth diversification platform. Benefit from our unique fund-through model featuring replenishing principal every 24 months, complementary deal team and access to other ecosystem investments.

Industry Specialist / Deal Team: Have practical involvement in establishing a start-up enterprise, building out networks within the start-up ecosystem and receive rewards for financial consideration and contribution through part ownership in transactions.

Entrepreneurs Benefit: from improved likelihood of success with unique problem-solution pipeline model, access to globally connected relationship platform, access to growing markets, and support of a strong commercially based deal team.

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