Investment Opportunities for Business Investor Visa holders (188B)

C2 Capital believes in a meritocratic world, which is the driving force behind our global networking activities. As such C2 Capital is excited to announce our Business Investor Visa program.

With our joint venture partner ASF, we have created a unique bond borrowing & investment program for the Business Investor Stream Visa holder (188B Visa). This product has been hugely successful in the Asian market due to the financial freedom it provides to the Visa holder.

Our program allows the visa holder to free up their capital for investment, which can then be used under our diversified portfolio approach. Loans of up to AUD $1.3m will be provided to the bond holder for the term of the bond.  This freed-up capital can then be put to effective use in the property & high yield income markets. Visa holders will have the opportunity to achieve significant financial gain whilst their bond remains in place.

It should be noted that this financial program does not affect the possibility of gaining permanent residency under the 888 visa & may in fact assist in gaining permanent residency*

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Investment diversification & income supplementation

C2 Capital will bring forth this investment opportunity as we believe that many benefits can be achieved under this structure. The initial benefit that comes from this loan facility is the liberation of capital attached to the government bonds, which can subsequently be used for other investment streams that provide higher yields. Such investment opportunities are constantly arising within the C2 Capital ecosystem and our program encourages investors to invest in these high return income products and other property interests.

Earnings on a state government bond are typically less than 2% pa. whereas an investment into a high yield C2 Capital product can earn over 16.50% pa. The income stream resulting from investment in one of C2’s products could then subsequently be used to offset expenses from other property purchases.

An example of this loan scenario would be utilizing these funds to buy house and land packages. To offset the expenses resulting from the mortgages on these house and land packages a balancing investment can be made into C2 Capitals financial products such as our high return Medical Centre developments. This will allow the bond holder to purchase land to either live in or hold, whilst earning passive income from C2’s products.

To find out more about this investment arrangement fill out our expression of interest form to get in touch with one of our Associate Directors.

Social impacts of C2 Investments

C2 Capital are not only concerned with providing superior returns for our investors. The social implication of our investments is a constant factor influencing our operational decisions. Our medical centre developments are the result of such a philosophy.

Significant social and societal benefits arise from C2 Capital Medical Centre developments. Because C2 develops its medical centres in the outer metropolitan suburbs (where there is little healthcare facilities), these developments are important social infrastructure.

As such the Visa holder who invests in our medical centre developments can then demonstrate to the government that they are committed to improving community infrastructure and in turn society. This may assist them in showing that they are a worthwhile migrate suitable for permanent residency under the 888 visa.*

View a list of our medical centre developments :

* Seek independent advise from your migration lawyer.